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Darrick Carter, Ph.D.
2002-present Corixa Corporation Seattle, WA
Group Leader
Led an Analytical Biochemistry group in Process Development.
2000- present
Seattle, WA
Started an E-business web site aimed sharing protein
biochemical reactions, analytical and chromatographic methods.
Designed and maintained the web site.
Built dynamic content including 3D engines to display atomic coordinates,
automated kinetic analysis, and a variety of primary sequence analysis
programs using JAVA and PERL integrated in a DHTML setting.
2001-2002 Corixa Corporation Seattle, WA
Project Leader
Designated Project Leader to develop and lead a candidate TB vaccine
through development to Phase I
2000-2001 Corixa Corporation Seattle, WA
Research Scientist II
Used mass spectrometry to identify up-regulated proteins in transformed
Lung and colon tumor proteomics combining biochemical techniques with
LC – tandem MS to discover differentially expressed proteins
Proteomics using P. acnes and N-terminal sequencing by Edman degradation
to quickly identify and patent expressed genes
Developed a manufacturing process and process controls for GMP
manufacture of a recombinant vaccine protein now in Phase 1 clinical trials
Assisted in Chemistry and Manufacturing Controls section of Investigational
New Drug application and the development of Standard Operating
Procedures for in-process and product release tests
(206) 720-0731
321 Summit Ave E.
Seattle, WA 98102
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