RN Resume

What is a RN?

RN or Registered Nurse is someone who has passed the NCLEX-RN examination and is administered by the NCSBN or National Council of State Boards of Nursing. They are individuals who abide all licensing requirements set by Board of Nursing of their respective states.
Statistics show that with over 3 million RNs functioning in the US in compared to 700,000 surgeons and physicians, Registered Nurses prove to be the main pillar of medical care facilities in the US. If you see yourself as a potential RN in the future and believe that your educational background is perfect for the designation, simply create a resume and start applying through job portals. You will find ample help from the abundance of professional RN resume sample docs available online for your assistance. These dummy documents are created following the industry standards and using them will give you an edge over other candidates.

RN Resume Samples

RN Resume Sample
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Basic RN Resume Sample
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Sample RN Resume
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RN Resume Template
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Categories and Duties of a Registered Nurse

RN or Registered Nurse functions under the observation of physicians and also health care professionals. There are some RNs having experience who also function independently carrying out all their job requirements which are laid down by the State Laws.

RN Categories

  • Health condition meaning management of diabetes, nephrology- also known as kidney disease or an oncology nurse
  • Particular workplace meaning emergency wards nurse, school nurse and operating room nurse also referred to as a perioperative nurse.
  • Specific region of the body such as cardiovascular nurse
  • Company of people such as women health nurse also known as a pediatric nurse and geriatric nurse.

To apply for any one of these designations, you have to mention in your resume your specialty. For that, you can take help from some of the professional RN resume template documents which are available in the online world.

Job Responsibilities of a RN

  • Taking care of medicines and treatments of patients
  • Operating and monitoring all equipment used for medical testing and examination
  • Making patients ready and dressed for the treatment and testing purposes and also assisting them during the whole process.
  • Establishing plans to care for different patients
  • Instructing families and even patients how to manage their medical condition and their medicinal intake
  • Maintaining all medical records regarding symptoms and treatments of patients
  • Assisting physicians during time of testing and diagnostic examination

This field is one of respect and prestige and if you think you have what it takes to become a RN then make a resume using professionally created RN resume examples available over the web. These resumes are easily downloaded and they do not cost any money. They are your best option to create a resume which immediately catches the interest of the hiring official.

RN Resume Templates

Professional RN Resume Sample
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New Grad RN Resume Sample
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RN Resume Objective

Creating that first impression upon the hiring official is very important. Yes, you may be the best fit for the post applying for, but only you know that. Since your resume is the first thing which will come in contact with the hiring official, you have to ensure that after reading your RN resume objective, your hiring official also thinks likewise.
Here are some key aspects which you have to keep in mind

  • Your RN resume objective should be very specific and focused on the job.
  • You should ensure that your resume objective is not vague and long. Rather it should be of 2-3 lines and be straightforward.
  • The language which you incorporate should be simple but must have a catchy tone.
  • Most importantly it should explain you and where you look to head.

Make Your Resume Impressive as well as Competitive

In the online world, you will come across numerous online portals where you can find professionally created templates. Using these RN sample resume, will assist you to keep your document up to date- or simply speaking, the way hiring officials like to view your information on a piece of paper. Most of these resumes use monospaced fonts like Courier and it also incorporates a layout design. All you need to do is download them on your desktop or laptop and insert your details into that pre-set format. A task which could have probably taken you 30-40 minutes will not only take 10-15 minutes on max. Plus, at the back of your mind, you will know that your resume is as per industry requirements.

RN Resume Skills

When you are creating your RN resume, you should make sure that you mention all your strong points and that too in an organized manner.
Your RN resume skills must include

  1. Ability to communicate well with patients, their family and also physicians
  2. Ability to function in tough environments
  3. Flexible enough to work in various shifts and also meet up urgent requirements whenever called for
  4. Good computer knowledge
  5. Proficient in making plans for different patients as per their requirements
  6. Someone who gives attention to details even during times of extreme work pressure

Neatly Display Your key Skills

Along with the RN resume skills, you can add other aspects to increase your chances of getting the job. In this field too online professionally created RN resume docs comes to your aid. You can download some templates without any cost and present your skills in the neatest possible manner. Neatness and presentation of information is one aspect which makes your resume a standout. You can achieve that by using these online professional RN resume examples.