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Van Driver Resume
Nick Archer
423, Southwest ST,
Biddeford, ME, 23781
(190) 582-8234
Objective: Seeking for a position of van driver for a reputed company where I can use my skills of
driving to serve better.
5+ years of experience of driving in heavy traffic.
Excellent physical and health strength.
Good driving record.
Very friendly and amiable that helps to deal with public.
Able to do minor repairing of vehicle as per need.
Work Experience:
Some Courier Agency
Worked as Van Driver
Done duty of delivering the packages to office building on call.
Responsible for other duties related to van driving.
Adeco Agencies
Worked as Driver
Responsible for working with Adeco Company for PPG glass.
Responsible for pulling invoices before and after delivery routes.
Used forklift to break out the stock.
Responsible for cleaning and arranging the storehouse.
Also supervised staff members on daily basis.
Responsible for other duties as assigned.
Graduated diploma, San Carolos High School San Carlos, CA
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