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Underwriter Resume Example
Mark Heckler
142 Bromberg Street
Carlisle, MA 11110
111 – 092 6723
Attentive and analytical professional who has strong knowledge in financial and possess vast
experience in investment and insurance business. Having firm background in compliance and branch
management. Possess ability to perform multifamily valuations with complex procedures, property
identification, and market research.
Qualification Summary:
Risk Analysis
Budget Development
MS Proficiency (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint)
Financial Analysis
Broker Support
Customer Service
Verbal and Written Communication
Transaction Narratives
Data Analysis and Reporting
Managing Sales Professional
Zoning Research
Sound Judgment
Professional Experience
Brennan Home Loan, Carlisle, MA 12220
Underwriter (2009 – till date)
Analyzing the application and file of the clients
Selecting the type of loan suitable for the client’s condition
Reviewing the inspection of new clients to determine the eligibility
Landaker Home Loan, New York City, NY 21222
Underwriter Assistant (2006 – 2009)
Assisted senior underwriter in managing the report
Built and maintained strong professional relationship with the clients
Created quote templates for the brokerage business and in house markets
Preparing the written confirmation regarding the investigation to the clients
Education Background
Murray University, New York City, NY 21222
Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Financial (2006)
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