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Antoine Wojdyla, Ph.D.
Optical engineer
914 Delaware Street, Apt. # 5
94710 Berkeley, CA (USA)
H (+1) 415 799 6303
Í 27
years-old, French
Working as a researcher in optics, in initiatives that utilize state-of-the-art components within an environment strongly related
to industry that encourages innovative thinking.
Thorough experience in far-infrared, ultra-fast optics and biomedical imaging
Excellent knowledge in optical communications, fiber optics and optical
design Characterization of materials and modelization of physical properties
C#, Matlab and LabView programming for data acquisition, signal processing and numerical simulations.
Work experience
current Center for X-Ray Optics Lawrence Berkeley National Lab,
2012 Postdoc fellow, Berkeley, CA USA.
I am working in the extreme ultraviolet division, on the prototyping of the next generation microexposure tool.
I am in charge of building a mock-up in the visible range, for validation of concepts, and of the metrology for mechanical
stabilization feedback.
2008-2012 Lab for Optics & Biosciences (École Polytechnique CNRS INSERM),
Ph.D. in Optics, Palaiseau France.
I developed new methods for material characterization and biological imaging using ultrashort terahertz pulses (T-
Rays). 2 international peer-reviewed journals articles, 3 international conference talks, 3 articles to be published.
Supervision of two US interns (now graduate students at UMich and Berkeley).
2008-2011 Université Paris-Sud,
Assistant lecturer, Orsay France.
Tutorials in Digital Signal Processing at graduate level (Polytech’Paris-Sud Opto-electronics division).
Labclasses in Optics, CS and DSP at Université Paris-Sud, and THz science experimental activities at École Polytechnique.
2008 Thales Technology Center Singapore,
Engineering intern, Singapore.
I’ve worked on the design and the prototyping of a high-speed, free-space optical communication scheme for commercial use in
aircrafts. The solution makes use of computer-generated holograms, fiber optics and advanced modulation schemes (OFDM).
2007 Valtionen Teknillinen Tutkimuskeskus (VTT) Technical Research Center of Finland,
Research intern, Oulu – Finland.
I’ve worked on the nano-imprinting process of subwavelength anti-reflective structures, alongside with the determination
of physical properties of thin-film solar cells (CIGS).
2008-2012 École Polytechnique,
Ph.D. in Optics summa cum laude, Lab for Optics & Biosciences, Palaiseau – France.
One of France’s most prestigious universities.
2005-2008 École Centrale de Marseille,
Master’s Degree in Engineering valedictorian , Marseille France.
French top tier, multidisciplinary engineering school.
Major : Optics and Photonics. Complementary courses in medical imaging.
2008 Université Aix-Marseille,
M.Sc. in Optics and Image Processing magna cum laude, Marseille – France.
Languages & Computers
mother tongue
C, C#, Python, PHP
fluent (TOEIC score : 930/990)
Matlab, Labview, Code V, Meep
good knowledge
basics of
Chinese, Latin, Ancient Greek, French Creole
References available on request
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