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Truck Driver Resume
Justin Strauss
437, J J ST,
California, CA, 43733
(378) 752-6738
Objective: Seeking for a position of truck driver to work with leading retailer.
Excellent map reading skills.
Good communication, writing and organizational skills.
Able to work for long periods, independently and under pressure also.
Excellent knowledge of vehicle.
Able to do related duties such as loading, unloading, hooking, maintenance and many more.
Responsible for other duties as assigned.
High school Diploma,
California Seminary School, CA
Other activities:
An active supporter of the cause for abolishing the practice of using plastic from the society
A member of the "Committee for awareness of safe driving practices"
Raised awareness against the habit of 'Drinking and Driving'
Helped the aged and the disabled to stand on their own feet by conducting some self-help
Previous Work Experience:
AES Corporation,
Worked as a truck driver
Looked into the maintenance of all the vehicles in service of the company, scheduled the
monthly maintenance
Done driving of semi-trailer to transports goods, materials, parts and various other things.
Responsible for loading and unloading product with the help of fork lift or by hand also.
Responsible for providing service in the areas of fuel, water, oil, vehicle repairs and air
Transported various merchandise to various locations.
Done other duties related to drive field.
Sky Travels, DFG
Worked as Driver and Maintainer
Responsible for supervising the traveling vehicles and their maintenance.
Make sure that the drivers are putting on their uniforms, medical box with necessary medicines,
bandages, strips etc.
Responsible for registering the vehicle's destination and their permit to move on.
Responsible for checking fuel, air and other maintenance of vehicle.
Also supervised about 30 vehicles including car, trucks, van etc.
Award: Awarded by Scotland police for helping who had victimized in accident.
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