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Curriculum Vitae
Senior role in internal audit and related areas with major
Senior internal auditor with proven track of audit and control,
operations, Information Systems and related roles with banking, and
other organizations. Carried out audit and reviews of credit risk,
operational risk, communications, treasury, brokerage, asset
management, expenses, HR, Information System and Security areas
gained through working with multinational commercial banks (Saudi
British Bank(HSBC) Emirates Bank (NBD)Saudi French Bank) and
Mobily in Saudi Arabia
Qualication and A/liation
 !"## 
Job responsibilities included the following:
Review & audit of branches & retail banking operations covering the following areas and finalizing
audit reports:Retail Banking, Remittances, Credit, Back Office Operations, Electronic Banking.
Developing annual audit program & liaising with Central Audit Dept
Review and reporting on KYC and AML issues.
Assisting Operations to develop, amend and enhance policies and procedures to ensure existing of check
and controls in key areas of banking operations and functions.
Planning ROTF Branch Missions schedule
Check and implement the missions as planned
Review mission reports and grade them according to the findings
Surprise checks and branch visits
$ !""- $
Job responsibilities included the following for this newly formed investment Bank:
Developing internal audit charter, vision, mission, policies, procedures and reporting framework
Developing Board’s internal audit committee’s charter & annual audit plan
Developing Audit programs and checklists for bank’s departments and functions
Carried out internal audit and risk assessment review of the following areas and issued audit report after
finalization to Audit Committee:
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