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31/D Housing Colony
Jaranwala District Faisalabad
+92 0345 7853351
Muhammad Imran Habib
GIS Analyst/Technician
GIS Web Developer
GIS Application Platform/Database Administrator
Network Administrator and IT User/Desktop Support
Master of Science in GIS
Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Information Technology
MS (CS) Continued
Sep 2009 Government of Punjab Education Department
IT Teacher
- Teaching the Computer Science.
Mar, 2002 – Mar, 2005 Tehsil Municipal Administration Jaranwala
IT Assistant
- Supervise Water and Sanitation survey for betterment of Municipal Service.
- GIS Data updating
- Compilation & Printing of Budget / Accounts
Projects GIS
- Digitization and Analysis the Data Ghulshan-e-Ravi, Lahore
- GPS Survey, Geo-Referencing, Digitization of Lahore Map.
- Master Urban Plan Rewaz Garden, Lahore
- Watershed Management of Jhalum River Basin
- Data Where-house in field of LIS.
IT Administration & Support
- Web based Testing System
- Music Management System for Sonic Warehouse.
- Salary System for Town Municipal Administration Jaranwala
- Online Line Attendance System for Town Municipal Administration Jaranwala
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