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Specialist Engineer, Mining Projects
B.Sc., Geological Engineering,
University of Manitoba - 1984
M.Sc., Geotechnical Engineering,
University of Alberta - 1987
Summary of Experience:
13 years - permafrost and
geotechnical engineering, design,
construction, closure planning and
construction management, risk
assessment and project
management for foundations,
pipelines, tailings dams, waste
dumps, pits and mining
developments in northern Canada
and Russia.
3 years - site investigation,
geotechnical and foundation
engineering for civil projects along
with soft ground tunnel design and
construction monitoring.
2 years – onshore and offshore
permafrost site investigations for
pipelines, drill platforms, airstrips
and highways in northern Canada
and Alaska
Professional Engineer, Assoc. of
Prof. Engineers, Geologists and
Geophysicists of Alberta.
Professional Engineer, Assoc. of
Prof. Engineers, Geologists and
Geophysicists of the Northwest
Territories and Nunavut
Professional Engineer, Yukon
Territory Assoc. of Professional
Vice-Chair, Cold Regions Div. of
the Can. Geotechnical Society
Current Chair, Cold Regions Div. of
the Can. Geotechnical Society
Mr. Cassie has more than 18 years experience in the areas of geotechnical,
geological and tailings engineering. The majority of his experience relates to mining
and pipeline developments in the arctic areas of Canada, Alaska and Russia.
Responsibilities include overall task and work scope planning, project management,
client liaison and liaison with regulatory agencies and attendance at technical
meetings and public hearings. Some relevant project engineering experience
includes the following:
Project manager for prefeasibility work on the High Lake Project in Nunavut.
Project involves two separate mines sites, connected by road to a proposed port
on the Arctic coastline. Provide site reconnaissance, airphoto interpretation,
assessment of permafrost conditions, site investigation and conceptual design
of mine waste facility and six dams. Also provided geomechanical input for pit
Senior reviewer on the Ore and Waste Rock Storage Plan for the Ulu Mine
development program in Nunavut. assessment of mine waste run-off, expected
water quality concerns and proposed mitigation plans.
Principal engineer with respect to all engineering aspects of the Final
Reclamation and Closure Plan for Nanisivik Mine on Baffin Island. Responsible
for the tailings and waste rock cover design, assessment of talik and permafrost
engineering aspects along with quarry development (massive ground ice in
bedrock) and coordination of hydraulic engineering, geochemical and other
environmental aspects. Represented the client at numerous Technical Meetings
and Public Hearings.
Lead geotechnical engineer regarding the risk assessment, dam safety
performance and closure planning for the Down Valley Tailings Area at Faro
Mine, YT. Area includes three significant dams and spillways, diversion channels
and proximal waste dumps, all situated on discontinuous permafrost. Numerous
closure planning, closure options scoping reviews and cost-estimates were
prepared as input to the Final Closure Plan.
Principal engineer with respect to closure planning and final design for the
Discovery Mine, which was partially reclaimed earlier. Technical work includes
assessment of existing tailings cover (subject to frost issues), reclamation of a
disturbed borrow pit, permafrost monitoring, on-going water management, mine
opening closure design, crown pillar risk assessment and assessment and
coordination with ESA, site landfill design and cover geochemical issues.
Providing engineering input to the Comprehensive Remediation Plan for the site,
including community consultation and regulatory assistance.
Undertook a technical review of the proposed Partially Saturated Granular
Cover (PSGC) approach for the tailings at Lupin Mine. Formed a multi-
disciplinary team of geotechnical engineers, permafrost scientists and
geochemists to review potential technical concerns with the proposed approach.
BGC Engineering Inc.
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