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Environmental Scientist Resume Example
Mario Vanders
73 Madison Street
Kansas City, MO 38472
Telephone: (387) 366-2877
Email ID:
Providing advice for best environmental management in conflict areas as Environmental Scientist.
Summary of Qualifications:
More than 9 years experienced in environmental research and analysis
Experienced in using advanced technology for doing research
Experienced in modelling for water pollution
Experienced in making cooperation with government to establish environmental policy
Experienced in conducting physical environmental research, especially water conservation
Advanced computer skills, especially modelling and mapping program
Excellent communication skills both oral and written
Excellent presentation skills
High motivation and incisive analysis
Advanced in practicing environmental problems measurement
Good mapping and modelling techniques
Scientific Research and Publication:
Modelling for Groundwater Pollution using GIS, published in 2010
Environmental Hazard Assessment in Megapolitan, published in 2005
Groundwater Pollution Assessment in Missouri Catchment Area, published in Journal of
Environmental Sciences, Springerlink, 2008
Water Pollution due to Industrial Activities in New York City, published in Journal of
Hydrology, Springerlink, 2006
Computer Skills:
Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Access, ArcGIS, ErDAS,
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