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Diesel Mechanic Resume
Donald Campbell
2300 Gen. Meyer Avenue,
New Orleans, LA 70142
Telephone No: 504-678-1029
Email id:
Career Objective : To get a job in diesel mechanics domain. To gain more knowledge and opportunity
for progress in this domain.
Work Experience :
US Navy (02/2003 to Present)
More than three years experience in naval engineering including a tear down & maintain of more
than 90 hydraulic crane cylinders, boring out cylinder, setting new stamps on piston.
Accountable for sending, receiving, tracking, and obtaining shafts field coated by external
Overseeing three other employees, maintained more than 180 remote run valves, changed three
dipolar valve which are important to a ship's water source.
Nelson Trucking (07/2000 to 09/2002)
Mechanic/Equipment Operator
Done basic repairs on a freight liner firewood truck of 1996's model, small engine operate with
regular tune ups, brake & tire changes, three transmission modifications, one rear end
alteration , and a number of wheel settle and bearing transforms.
Education Details :
Wayne High School (10/1998 to 05/2002)
Diploma, Engineering & Technical Highschool
Boot Camp - United States Navy, 02/2003 to 05/2003
Naval General Engineering School, 06/2003 to 07/2003
Learned in tools, bearings, seals, and their utilizations.
Taken and read lubricated oil tasters.
Operated and maintained lubricating and the oil purifiers.
Engineering General Core Course, 06/2003 to 07/2003
Identified fundamental engineering support system elements and processes and applied
principles of common industrial protection.
Naval Mech Engineering School, 06/2003 to 07/2003
Oil, air, hydraulic, fuel systems flow directions and working procedures.
Different kinds of pump&valve overhaul, operation, construction, and maintenance.
Read the machinist rule, micrometers, gauges, calipers, and to regulate all tools, the able to
write risk & warning tags, and carried out precautionary repairs on equipment.
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