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CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) Resume / CV Example
Desiree L. Saunders
111 Example Street, Oshawa, ON D9E 6W9
(708) 999-9999, [Email Address]
Seeking a certified nursing assistant position in a reputed health care organization where I can make the
most of my compassionate nature and nursing skills.
Key Qualifications:
• Over three years of practical experience as a CNA
• Very quick and accurate in checking the vital signs of patients
• Ability to speedily learn latest nursing concepts and skills
• Knowledge of particular developmental factors explicit to adult and aged residents
• Familiarity with medical terms and infection control standards
Professional Experience:
Oshawa Nursing Home – Oshawa, ON
Certified Nursing Assistant
• Oversee injections and given remedial intakes
• Maintained healthy and vigorous environment for the residents
• Notify the doctors of the position of patient by spending utmost time in the room with the patient
• Provide nursing and nursing linked services to residents
• Get specimens, weights, and essential signs of patients
• Maintain the zone tidy and dirt free
• defend and promote occupant rights and assist the individual to uphold independence
• Provide everyday care to the patients
St John’s Medical Center – Vaughan, ON
Nursing Assistant
• Managed supply record and supply demand
• Provided medicine reminders
• Provided patient carrying to doctor appointments
• Assisted patients with bathing, dressing, cleanliness, and grooming in keeping traditional care plan
• Specified enemas to patient when required
• Measured and recorded patient's liquid intake and output
• Provided nursing care in line with resident care policies and procedures
• Ensured the security and comfort of the residents is maintained
BS in Nursing, York University, ON
High School Diploma
• Outstanding ability to communicate effectively with patients and their families
• Ability to take care of patients in an effective manner
• Excellent physical ability to perform the duties of the CNA position
• Ability to organize and prioritize work
• Ability to operate nursing related equipment
• Proficient in MS Word and MS Excel
References: Available on Request
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