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200 Akmechet Avenue, #100 ~ Darhan, Mongolia 004852
A highly qualified, results-oriented international banker with broad and diversified experience in
corporate strategy, project finance, equity investments, bond origination, loan origination,
international trade and legislative/regulatory issues. Fluent in German, English and Japanese.
Conversant in Russian and Chinese. Comprehensive knowledge of Central Asia. Practiced in
Policy Dialogue.
♦ Project Implementation ♦ Investment Management ♦ Research/Analysis
♦ Risk Management/Analysis ♦ Business Development ♦ Project Management
♦ Negotiation ♦ Financial Management ♦ Due Diligence
♦ Reviewed and analyzed a macro view on the Kazakhstan economy; designed and
implemented a country strategy plan selecting projects based on the country’s needs.
♦ Finalized systems and processes on the Grain Receipt Program, which aided in the
development of increased market interactions in the grain sector and introduced a new
financing instrument to area farmers and banks.
♦ Spearheaded the implementation of the Grain Receipt Law in Kazakhstan.
♦ Initiated the Kazakhstan Cooperation Fund, a project totaling EUR 9.3 million that was
funded by Japan, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.
♦ Directed the management of an equity investment to the International Moscow Bank,
Moscow, Russian Federation; ensured proper operations and procedures through regular
attendance of Board meetings.
♦ Initiated and facilitated bilateral talks between the Slovak Republic and prospective
Japanese investors.
EUROPEAN BANK, Darhan, Mongolia
An organization developed to aid and build market economies in 27 countries throughout Central
Europe and Central Asia; providing financing for industries, banks and businesses.
Associate Banker (2002-Present)
♦ Manage several critical projects simultaneously, including eight Technical Cooperation
Projects in Lebanon totaling EUR 4.4 million, four Transport Sector Projects in Beirut
totaling US$240 million and Financial Sector Projects in Kazakhstan and Mongolia.
Senior Analyst, Central Asia Team – Darhan, Olgij and Kazakhstan, (2001-2002)
♦ Developed and initiated two Financial Sector Projects in Kazakhstan that promoted the
organization’s Trade Facilitation Programme.
♦ Represented the organization and served as Chair of the first Darhan Steering Committee.
A banking and securities organization providing financial and professional services to industries
throughout the world.
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