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David H. Sherman
Professional with twenty five years of analytical experience in Flavor,
Environmental, & Clinical Chemistry. My knowledge base acquired in these
three diverse laboratory environments assists me in developing creative and
innovative solutions to complex problems. A consummate professional that
scrutinizes all of the data without prejudice and delivers results with accuracy.
Sampling of Recent
2011 - Winner of the PepsiCo Academy of Sciences Award. The Highest
Individual Honor for a Global R&D Associate.
2011 - PepsiCo "VP of R&D Award" for work related to an ingredient process
change developed by our project team.
2010 - Featured as a "Champion" on As a Champion,
my fundraising success is highlighted and will help to encourage others to
join in my efforts.
2008 - PepsiCo Chairman's Award. Harvey C. Russell Diversity and
Inclusion Award for coordinating the “National Chemistry Week” celebration
at the New York Hall of Science (NYHOS). The theme for 2007 was "The
Many Faces of Chemistry".
2007 - “Salute to Excellence” Award received from the New York Section of
the ACS for leading and coordinating the “National Chemistry Week”
celebrations at the NYHOS in 2005 and 2006.
PepsiCo R&D Valhalla, NY
Senior Principal Scientist: Technical Insights 2011 – present
Principal Scientist: Technical Insights 2007 - 2011
Emerging Issues Worldwide
Identification and Resolution
Analytical Chemistry
New Technology
Process Administrator for Global External Laboratory Approval
Principal Research Specialist: Ingredient Technology 2003 - 2007
Senior Research Specialist: Ingredient Technology 2000 - 2003
Quality Assurance/Quality Control of all flavor materials used worldwide to produce
Pepsi, Tropicana, & Gatorade products.
Subject Matter Expert (SME) in chromatographic techniques including GC/FID,
SME in Sample introduction techniques including Purge & Trap, PTV, Thermal
Desorption, SPME, Headspace, Solid phase and liquid extraction techniques.
SME in Agricultural Residues found in essential oils.
Vendor auditor for 3 5 audits per year.
Technical support for Pepsi Concentrate Plants worldwide.
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