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Executive Assistant Resume
Francis Ray
573, Moore Road,
Alabama, AL 37269
Objective: To further hone my organizational skills by obtaining a position as an executive assistant in
an organization, which will suit my profile.
Experience Summary
Handled key issues related to senior member's activates, tasks and clients
Efficiently handled and supervised junior staff members
Professional Experience:
Administrative Assistant to CEO, July 20XX to Present
Bell Informatics, New Jersey
Carried out various administrative function supporting the CEO
Managed tasks for preparing Board of Directors meeting
Recorded Minutes of board meetings and distributed them
Administrative Assistant to the COO, July 20XX to August 20XX
Chambers Hardware Systems, New Jersey
Handled various administrative tasks require by he COO
Handled sensitive customer issues and important employee matters
Maintained monthly reports and distributed them on a regular schedule
20XX - 20XX Marks' Junior College, Camden, NJ
Completed a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration
Furnished upon request
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