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We require the third-person narrative wording and the
structure of the resume to be formatted in the style
Strategic Systems Technology, Inc.
NAME: Dave E. Jones IV
ADDRESS: 3636 King Neptune Court, Virginia Beach, Va. 23456
TELEPHONE No: (757) 567-0123
LABOR CATEGORY: Electronics Technician III
Mr. Jones is fully qualified for the Electronics Technician III Labor Category, he is a High
School and Navy Electronics Technician (ET) "A" School Graduate with over ten (10) years
experience in progressively responsible Electronics Maintenance and Instructor positions
involving the installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, adjustment and repair of sophisticated
electronics systems, sub-systems and equipment used in the continuous operation of NTCS-A,
and JMCIS systems, sub-systems, and equipment. Troubleshot, repaired and maintained 19
different UYK-20 based systems and associated peripherals. Four DTC-2 based systems. Two
VAX 11-780 systems and associated peripherals, and a AN/UYK-7 system. He was responsible
for training technicians in all facets of the NTCS-A and JMCIS system maintenance, ultimately
being responsible for fleetwide training of all entry-level technicians for the NTCS-A and JMCIS
community. His experience also includes design, installation, troubleshooting and repair of
computer networks. He was Certified as an Instructor for the NTCS-A and JMCIS Maintainer
School at Dam Neck, VA. where he taught Equipment Troubleshooting, and repair of computer
systems and associated peripherals. Mr. Jones' experience includes over seven (7) years as a
Workcenter and Workgroup Supervisor, where he was responsible for up to forty-five (45)
electronics maintenance technicians involved in the daily operation and maintenance of two
different Naval Facilities.
College/University No. of Hrs./Date(s) Academic Degree
Attended Completed/Attended Awarded
1. University of Maryland 3 Semester Hrs/1992 College Algebra
3 Semester Hrs/1990 Business Management
2. U.S. Navy Training Courses: (60 Credit Hrs)
- Electonics Technician "A" School /1984
- Advanced Digital Computer Theory /1988
- Automatic Data Processing /1988
- VAX Maintenance /1989
- Desktop Tactical Computer (DTC) /1991
- Instructor Training /1993
3. USAFI Courses:
- Oceanography /1985
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