Graphic Design Resume

The role of a graphics designer is an intriguing one. Much like writing, it is a field which allows art enthusiasts to express their thoughts and creative skills. The scope for development is very good especially for fresh graduates who love to like to make art using graphical tools such as Photoshop, Coral Draw and Illustrator. However much like every job designation, you would have to create an impressive graphic designer resume if you want to have the best chance of succeeding.
But creating a resume which draws the attention of hiring officials is not an easy task. More so for those who are probably creating it for the first time! But no worries, as there are numerous graphic design cv templates available over the web for their reference. Those resume formats are created by professionals who know about the field. These resume samples are available in different formats- both for experienced as well as for newbie applicants. Simply pick one as per your requirements.

What is Graphic Design?

You may find many designers creating logos for their business purposes or creating beautiful images via Photoshop. Many also design magazine advertisements. Yes, a lot of people do these things and love to call themselves as graphic designers. But the truth is, all these aspects are just a small aspect of the larger picture. In response to the question what is graphic design- some experienced professions describe this field as a form of communication. It is the art and practice of displaying ideas through visual and textual context. It is about sending out the right message regarding a product or offerings to people whom you aim to attract. They function as visual problem eradicators in fields of packaging, branding, digitized design, publishing and advertising.
Experts in regards to what is graphic design state: "it is all everywhere you look. Right from pouring your breakfast cereal to waiting for the last train while returning from work- it’s all a part of graphic design." So if you think you have what it takes to become a graphics designer, refer to impressive resume taking help of some of the professionally created graphic design resume templates. The format is simple and suitable to company standards. So just create a resume and sent out the job request through job portals.

Graphics Design Resume Samples

Graphic Design Resume Sample
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Sample Graphic Design Resume
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Graphic Design Resume Template
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Creative Graphic Design Resume
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Graphic Design Resume Objective

Simply speaking, it is not a generic cry to hire you for the post, but a very concise way to point out that you are one who possesses the right skills and knowledge for the post.
It is imperative that you include a graphic design resume objective which highlights your career purpose. Your objective will be the top of your resume following your name and personal details. Experts state that the language with which you frame your resume objective should be lucid yet catchy. And most importantly it should not exceed more than 3 lines.
Here is a graphic design resume objective example- Dedicated and motivated B.A graduate seeking an entry-level graphic designer position with ABC Company.
For a clearer idea of how to write a resume, check out some of the professionally crafted resume PDFs or WORD docs. These templates are easy to download and they involve no costs.

Graphics Design Resume Templates

Basic Graphic Design Resume
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Graphic Design Resume Example
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Graphic Design Resume Skills

To label yourself as a proficient graphics designer, having a different set of skills is extremely important. Yes, you may be someone who has tremendous artistic skills, but the aspects which separate the must hire candidates from the others is the number of acquired skills. It is these acquired skills which make you more valuable to designing companies.
Graphics design companies mainly look for candidates who have the ability to work under stressful deadlines, have a good market sense as well as knowledge about social media and designing software. Plus they also look for candidates who can meet up client requirements and deliver results on a consistent basis.
Though their requirements differ from experienced designers to freshers, the above three skills are required irrespective.

The Important Skills to Mention in Your Resume

When making your resume here are some of the essential graphic design resume skills which you should incorporate.

  • Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat, Creative Suite, Flash, In-design, Illustrator
  • Color sense
  • Accuracy and aesthetic sense
  • Attention to details
  • Efficiency in platform designs
  • Creative thinking and fresh ideas
  • Basic computer knowledge- PowerPoint, Excel
  • Layout designing
  • Knowledge of the present market
  • Multi-tasking
  • Sketching
  • Time management
  • Scales
  • Storyboard creation
  • HTML
  • Dreamweaver
  • Printing knowledge
  • Social media and networking
  • A clear understanding of topography
  • Effective in communication

A graphic design cv having such key skills or at least most of it is a front runner in the eyes of hiring officials.

Presenting Your Resume the Right Manner

The way in which you present your key skills or your resume is also important in the eyes of a hiring official. Just refer to some of the graphic designer cv available in the cyber world. You will come across heaps of options in which you can present your key skills. You will also learn about the language just in case you want to write 2 lines about your graphic design resume skills. Just follow them and increase your chances of getting hired.