Sample RN Resume

Timothy C. Andrews MSN, CRNA
1234 Randolph St • Baltimore, MD 21244
610-555-2213 •
University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing • Philadelphia, PA
Master of Science in Nursing • Nurse Anesthetist Program • GPA 3.64 May 2011
Graduate Clinical Experience:
Pennsylvania Hospital - Fall 2009-Spring 2011
St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children - Spring 2010/2011
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia - Summer 2010
BayHealth Medical Center – Kent General Hospital - Fall 2010
Cooper University Hospital - Winter 2010
Bachelor of Science in Nursing • GPA 3.38 May 2007
Professional Experience
R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center – University of Maryland Medical Center
CRNA Department of Trauma Anesthesiology Summer 2011- Present
Primary Adult Resource Center designated specialty hospital dedicated to the care of critically injured
Collaborate with physician and nursing colleagues across disciplines to provide thoughtful anesthetics for
patients across acuity and age spectrums.
Provide intra-operative management of emergency and non-emergency procedures spanning surgical
specialties including orthopedics, vascular surgery, maxillofacial, plastics, and neurosurgery.
Specialize in blunt and penetrating trauma, head trauma, resuscitation strategies, airway management,
management of necrotizing acute soft tissue injuries and critically ill patients on advanced ventilator
Perform intravenous and intra-arterial vascular access, ultrasound-guided central venous access, and
ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia.
Serve as clinical preceptor.
Provide educational support to Emergency Medicine resident doctors and MD State Police rotating through
the Shock Trauma Center for airway management training.
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania • Philadelphia, PA
CN II Staff RN Trauma/Surgical Critical Care Rhoads 5 SICU July 2007- May 2009
24-bed Level 1 Trauma & Surgical Intensive Care Unit (AACN Beacon Award Recipient)
Managed care of diverse patient population including colo-rectal, endocrine & oncologic, gastro-intestinal,
plastic, thoracic, transplant, traumatic injury, urologic, and vascular critical care.
Gained proficiency in management of sepsis, acute respiratory distress syndrome, multiple-system organ
failure, acute trauma, and the acutely ill population.
Completed 20-week Gateway to Critical Care Orientation, 12-month Nurse Residency Program
Served as student nurse preceptor, new graduate liaison, and Healthy Work Environment Committee


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