RN Resume Sample

Registered Nurse with 20 years’ experience encompassing IV Therapy, Emergency
Department, Post Anesthesia, Telemetry, and Intensive Care Step Down Units.
Indiana Licensed Registered Nurse
CPR Certification ACLS Certification PALS Certification
Indiana University
Bachelor of Science in Nursing, 1992
Selected Professional Development
PICC Excellence, Managing Catheter Occlusions
PICC Excellence, Care and Maintenance of PICC Lines
PICC Excellence, Identifying and Managing Complications of PICC Lines
Health Care South, Indianapolis, IN 09/2009 Present
Registered Nurse
Provide on-call IV Therapy Services long-term care facilities including insertion of peripheral IVs and
midline catheters for hydration and medication, and declotting of PICC lines. Insert PICC lines under
supervision and assist Infusion Nurses to broaden knowledge and skill, and build experience for CRNI
examination and certification.
Assess patient condition, review and analyze medical history and lab coagulation values. Verify
physician orders and patient consent authorizations. Recognized for ability to achieve venous access
in poor access conditions. Verify blood return and flush to ensure proper midline placement, and
order chest x-ray to confirm PICC proper placement.
Document all conditions, procedures and test results via records systems. Adhere to JCAHO and
HIPAA compliance regulations.
Methodist Hospital, Indianapolis, IN 2002 Present
Registered Nurse, Inpatient Post Anesthesia Care Unit, (2007 Present)
Closely monitor and record vitals, airways, sedation and pain levels, and assess patient conditions
following procedures involving anesthesia including inpatient/outpatient adult and pediatric critically ill
post-operative, ICU overflow, and endoscopy patients, including those with arterial lines, ventilators and
CVP monitors in 17-bed unit. Insert peripheral IVs and administer blood and hydration products, IV
medications. Draw blood from PICC and Central lines. Identify, respond to, and notify physician of
adverse indications.
Maintain crash carts, defibrillators and emergency equipment and supplies. Activate codes and
manage medical emergencies until physician arrives. Update patient families on progress.
Teach use of Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) and Patient Controlled Epidural Analgesia (PCEA).
Educate patients and families on medication and treatment regimens, activity level, adverse
indications and complications, and follow-up orders.
Access and update patient records including vitals, conditions, adverse reactions, medications. Adhere
to HIPAA and JCAHO requirements.
Perform peripheral IV insertions throughout hospital.
123 Main Street Indianapolis, IN 46219
H: (123) 123-4567 tallie2@aol.com


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