Nanny Childcare Resume

List your personal information as seen below.
First & Last Name
Street Address
City, State Zip
Phone Number
Email Address
List your qualifications below in bulleted form. Make sure to always start off with a bullet point listing how many
years of professional childcare experience you have, and ONLY include the number of years you have shown on
your resume. For example, if your create a childcare resume that dates back to 2005 but you started babysitting
in 2001, only include the amount of years that corresponds with your earliest date on the resume. While we
understand you may have more experience than is shown on your resume, we can only count your years of
professional experience. Make sure to highlight ALL of your qualifications here! If you are fluent in a second
language, add it. If you played collegiate sports or are trained in an instrument, add it. Include your degree,
child-related coursework, or unique certifications. This is the place to show off your childcare skills and personal
talents + attributes!
Make sure to capitalize the first letter of each work. Follow example below.
5+ Years of Professional Nanny Experience
3 Years of Teaching Experience
Fluent in Spanish
Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology; Emphasis on Early Childhood Disorders
Swim Instructor (Lifeguard Certified)
Fantastic Cook With Emphasis on Healthy & Organic Foods
CPR & First Aid Certified
Valid Passport (Travel-Ready)
Collegiate Volleyball Player
Experience Traveling With Families & Small Children
Reliable, Insured Vehicle & Clean Driving Record
List all professional childcare experience starting with your most recent position. Make sure your positions are
in chronological order (from most current to oldest). Please thoroughly outline each position including the last
name of each family, the city where the position was located, how old the child(ren) were when you were hired,
and thorough descriptions of your job duties and responsibilities. Make sure to be as creative and descriptive for
each job as possible, and do not use the same description for each job, even if duties were the same or similar –
this comes across as lazy to a family when they read your profile. Also, please use past tense language to describe
each job UNLESS you still currently work in this position. Follow the example below.


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