Marketing Executive Resume Sample

GEORGE HERNANDEZ Home: (617) 362-2121 Mobile: (617) 790-7050
– Expertise in global business with deep-rooted experience in cultural, economic and political
affairs in Latin American and European countries –
Strategic sales and marketing specialist who was instrumental in helping to build a world leader in
analytical instrumentation that provides turnkey solutions for quality control and energy monitoring
systems. Grew a product portfolio from 1 to 8 and created a global presence spanning 30 countries within 5 years.
Despite formidable economic and political circumstances, penetrated markets in Brazil and
Argentina. Forged key alliances with German based manufacturers that generated over $8 million in sales in
2 years. Known for ability to cut through red tape and to negotiate win-win outcomes.
Rock solid experience in product development and new product launches for emerging
technologies. Combine knowledge of engineering, research and analysis, with strategic marketing and sales
management to deliver superior products worldwide.
Fluent in English and Spanish and conversant in German, Portuguese and Italian. Extensively traveled to
over 30 countries and exceptionally respectful and appreciative of diverse cultures and viewpoints.
Unique path of professional development and tenacity to succeed – rose from humble beginnings in a
third world country, progressing through a multi-faceted career into executive roles in global sales and
Market & Competitive Analysis Product Positioning Sales Training & Leadership
Customer Relationship Management Start-ups & Turnarounds Operational Management
Distribution Channel Management New Product Planning Strategic Alliances
Strategic Marketing Business Development Contract Negotiations
LEANDER CORPORATION, Boston, MA 2000 to Present
World leader in analytical instrumentation serving energy and pharmaceutical industries.
Vice President of International Sales
Oversee 60+ representatives internationally with full accountability of all marketing initiatives. Travel
extensively to support sales teams; negotiate with distributors and customers, and provide quotes. Present
seminars globally; prepare white papers, ROI documents and marketing collateral. Develop forecasts, conduct
SWOT analyses and plan sales cycle globally. Attend trade shows and advise on product enhancements.
Select achievements:
Fueled international sales growth by 50% in 5 years, igniting sales from one operation from 0 to $4M
in 1 year by energizing and turning around sluggish sales teams.
Built up product portfolio from 1 to 8 and helped to forge the company’s niche as a leader in a
unique market by launching innovative campaigns, applying new sales strategies and helping to identify
new products.


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