Customer Service Resume Sample

Combining strong customer service, administrative and communications expertise to promptly establish efficiency, resolve
problems, and optimize productivity.
Service-driven professional with broad skills in customer service, team communications, conflict resolution, and administrative
leadership. Effectively educates and trains groups and informs clients and colleagues through multichannel communications,
ongoing planning, and time management. Manages multiple tasks to completion, handles interruptions, and remains focused to
ensure detailed accuracy and optimal productivity. Experience in education and medical and retail services has cultivated a
foundation of talent for top-level client services roles with detailed administrative and independent decision-making responsibility.
Organization & Planning
Multitask Management
Group Training & Education
Multichannel Presentations
Customer Service
Conflict Resolution
Needs Assessments
Retail Sales & Service
Team Leadership
Resource Optimization
Administrative Management
Scheduling & Time Management
Medical Office Support
Patient Services
Meeting Planning & Leadership
Multimedia Communications
Technical proficiencies include MS Office, Dell, Mac
CUSTOMER SERVICE & CONFLICT RESOLUTION —Delivers solutions-driven customer service in multiple roles, leveraging a
natural ability to build rapport, assess needs, and determine best practices to solve problems and meet needs for people of all
ages and positions. Combines comprehensive understanding of organizational policies and processes with detailed listening
skills to provide creative and immediate conflict resolution.
Developed strategic after-school programs to produce measurable improvement in low student performances.
Cheerfully answered phones and greeted customers and clients in retail, medical, and educational settings as a first point
of contact. Gathered, assessed, and directed information and communications to ensure each individual had a full
understanding of procedures, policies, and next-steps for services in education, health care, or retail solutions.
Effectively communicated with, comforted, and directed patients and families with varying backgrounds and languages.
COMMUNICATION & TEAM LEADERSHIP—Demonstrates consistent expertise in creating and managing multichannel
communications as an elementary teacher and administrative support professional.
Utilized professional verbal, written, and virtual communication skills to capture audiences and effectively teach and train
students, inform colleagues and supervisors, coordinate schedules, and plan meetings.
Skillfully managed classrooms with as many as 20 students, capturing the attention of all students and transitioning from
task to task while using visual and audio aids to optimize learning according to individual behaviors and learning styles.
ORGANIZATIONAL & ADMINISTRATIVE EXCELLENCE—Creates and manages plans and schedules, tracks, documents, and
transcribes detailed information, manages files and databases, and coordinates activities for multiple individuals, groups, and
subjects. Maintains strict adherence to timelines and deadlines while ensuring detailed accuracy in all administrative processes.
Supported as many as 4 physicians, 7 nurses, and 40 patients as a unit secretary for the Orange County Children’s Hospital.
Provided patient-focused support including answering and routing calls, assembling patient files and charts, transcribing
doctors’ orders, ordering labs and x-rays, coordinating information for nurses, and greeting and assisting families.
Repeatedly recognized for systematic approach to organization and control , and for creating a calm and clean
environment that facilitates optimal productivity and innovation.
Third-Grade Teacher, ABC Elementary School, CUSD, Tampa, FL 2005-present
Customer Service Representative, Acme Improvement Store, Tampa, FL 2004-2005
Second-Grade Teacher, Apple Elementary School, CUSD, Tampa, FL 1998-2004
Unit Secretary, State Hospital, Tampa, FL 1993-1994
Student Teacher, Second and Fourth Grades, EFG Elementary School, CUSD, Tampa, FL 1998
Volunteer, Hospice St. Mary Hospital, Tampa, FL 2011-present
Volunteer, Habitat, Tampa, FL 2001-2004
Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, CLAD, State University, Tampa, FL 1998
Bachelor of Science, Health Sciences, State University, Tampa, FL 1990


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