Business Analyst Sample Resume

Steve Smith
1234 Walker Street e Anytown, ST 12345 e (123) 456-7890 e
y Seven years experience as a Business Analyst for a Fortune 500 corporation improving operational
efficiency and reducing costs
y Ten years experience working for a retail store in numerous capacities, from cashier to supervisor
y Have supervised up to 16 employees at once and have trained dozens of subordinates
y Have earned numerous performance-based promotions as a result of hard-work and accuracy
y Highly proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, Visio, Project and Visual Basic 6.0 Hardware, Basic
Computer Programming and numerous other software applications
Business Analyst II 04/99 - 04/06
y Implemented numerous business optimization projects and reporting tools that improved efficiency,
reduced expenses, labor costs, and maximized profit by automating outdated manual processes
y Database administrator for the productivity application used within Operations and supported the
program in a help desk-like format
y Forecasted company's expense accounts and assisted in vendor contract renewals and invoicing
y Created slide presentations for quarterly business reviews for corporate-level management
documenting business status, performance, and pending business initiatives
y Worked with production managers to design and implement tools and controls to achieve
performance goals and compiled and presented chart presentations to them on a regular basis
comparing performance and quality trends against set goals
y Member of team that moved payment processing operations from California to Arizona
y Helped upgrade network from Windows NT / Office 97 to Windows / Office XP
y Regularly trained cashiers on administrative procedures and equipment operation
y Promoted rapidly from mailroom clerk to mailroom supervisor, to payment processor and trainer and
then to Business Analyst II
Electronics Technician, GOODWILL INDUSTRIES, Anytown, ST 08/97 - 12/98
y Diagnosed and repaired donated stereo equipment and video cassette recorders and prepared
them for resale; completed custom computer upgrades for clients; and compiled weekly reports for
Various Positions, REGIONAL DEPARTMENT STORE, Anytown, ST 08/96 - 05/97
y Learned many aspects of retail store operations working in various capacities as the result of
promotions: (1) cashier; (2) sales person in home entertainment, appliances and hardware
departments; (3) service desk clerk; (4) front end supervisor; (5) receiving and stocking; and
(6) returns clerk
y Proficient in handling many routine administrative procedures such as layaways, returns, rain
checks and returning damaged merchandise to vendors
y Routinely supervised up to 16 cashiers and trained numerous employees on department store
procedures and equipment usage
y Increased fulfillment and reduced turnaround time by computerizing the rain check function
y Worked diligently to ensure that manufacturers received credit for defective merchandise and
minimize losses
Note: Since 2000, have operated a small, part-time business working nights and weekends as a
professional wedding photographer and DJ at various events


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