Basic Teacher Resume Sample

Education Resume Example - Experienced Teacher
1640 Maple Street
Treeville, NE 68xxx
(555) 890-6543
Graduate Courses in Education, Miller State University, Miller, Washington, 19xx-19xx
Bachelor of Science in Education, May, 19xx
Endorsement: Business Education
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Certificate Held: xxxxxxx
Teaching Experience
Business Teacher, Treeville High School, Treeville, Nebraska, 19xx-20xx
Taught Introductory Keyboarding, Grade 9
Taught General Business, Grades 9-10
Taught Accounting I, Grade 11
Taught Accounting II, Grade 12
Sponsored Distributive Education Club
Coached 7
grade girls volleyball
Coached 9
grade boys track
Related Experience in Education
Student Teaching, Busytown High School, Oak, Nebraska, January-May, 19xx
Taught Business English, Grade 10
Taught Accounting I, Grade 11
Taught Accounting II, Grade 12
Co-sponsored high school yearbook
Practicum, Smith High School, Smith, Nebraska, October-November, 19xx
Observed Accounting I, Grade 11
Observed Accounting II, Grade 12
Helped with planning and grading for Business Math, Grade 10
Attended State DECA convention
Outstanding Young Educator, Treeville Public Schools, May, 19xx
Dean’s List, University of Nebraska, five semesters
Special Skills
Computer skills (spread sheet, AccountCom, Internet, Word, PrintShop)
Artistic Ability
CPR Certification
Experience working with diverse population
Strong interpersonal skills
Public speaking experience, including use of Power Point
Volunteer Activity
Taught computer skills to elderly through School & Community Continuous
Learning Program, Treeville, Nebraska, 19xx-20xx
Conducted annual workshop for Treeville School Board on investment policies,
Served as Publicity Chair for “Dollars for Scholars” Scholarship Drive, Treeville,
Nebraska, 19xx-20xx
Member, Treeville Education Association, Treeville, Nebraska, 19xx-20xx
Member, Nebraska State Education Association, 19xx-20xx
Member, National Education Association, 19xx-20xx
Treasurer, My Faith Church, Treeville, Nebraska, 19xx-20xx
Organized Treeville Investing Club, Treeville, Nebraska, 19xx


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