Basic Bartender Resume

Key Statistics
Key Statistics
Diplomatic and Urbane
Easy-going and Sociable
Charming & Flirtatious
Darcy S. O’Neil
19 Appel Street London, Ont. N5Y 1R1
Ph.519. .
951 0242
Chemical Technologist
Published Bartending Articles
Summary of Skills
Work Experience
Core Skills
Interests & Hobbies
With over nine years of experience in the service industry I
would make an outstanding addition to your bartending team. My personality
is well suited to the service industry and I enjoy talking and entertaining
people. My varied skill set could benefit your business in a number of areas
and my personality will make your visit to the bar memorable.
(3+ bartending)
Top 5 Reasons Why You
Should Hire Me
Chemistry Skills
Friendly & Personable
Accurate / Precise
Money Handling Experience
Strong Work Ethic
Clean & Neat Appearance
Position Seeking:
Giving the Customer a Great First Impression
Current Favorite Drink
:: The Burnt Island ::
1¼ oz Canadian Rye
½ oz Bols Vanilla
¼ oz Cinnamon InfusedVodka
½ oz Dark Carmel Syrup
1 oz Perrier or Club Soda
Shake and Strain first 4 ingredients
with ice into a Rocks glass with lots
of ice.Top up with Perrier Garnish
with a cinnamon stick.
I believe that a great cocktail, or drink, is the best way to make a good first
impression on a customer, since it is usually the first item served. A poorly
made drink can lower the customers perception of the business. Every
cocktail or drink should be made to the highest standard, to make the
best first impression.
Canadian Apothecary Feb. 2002 to June 2003
Computer Support
Western Fair Slots October 2003 to January 2006
Moxie’s Classic Grill January 2006 to Present
Imperial Oil Research Dec. 1994 to Sept. 2001
Chemical Technologist
Have worked in customer service
roles for 9+ years
With extensive lab experience my
accuracy is excellent
Six plus years working in a retail
environment as a cashier
Professional appearance with a
sense of style
Enjoy a challenging work
Developed website and marketing materials (brochures, handouts, etc.)
Prepared pharmaceutical and natural health products
Provided bartending services for the gaming floor and restaurant areas
Responsible for opening/closing, stocking inventory and cash handling
Provided bartending services for the bar and restaurant areas
Responsible for opening/closing, stocking inventory and cash handling
Full menu service at the bar and fine dining level of service for the guest
Coordinated oil performance testing in customer service laboratory
Researched, developed, blended and analyzed automotive engine oils
Excellent understanding of customer service
Ability to work in a fast paced environment
Motivated to learn and develop my skills
Creative: ability to develop new drinks
Outdoors: mountain biking and canoeing
Favorite Sports: Hockey and Olympic sports
Indoor Interests: Dancing and cooking
Stats for Last 2 Years
Sick Days: 1 Lates: 0
I’m Extremely Reliable
Full or Part Time
Journal of the American Cocktail
The Art of Drink
That’s the Spirit!
Americas Bride Magazine
1. The Definitive Guide to Simple Syrup
2. The Definitive Guide to Sour Mix
Available at:
Syndicated Articles
Monthly Cocktail Column


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