Bartender Resume Sample

Personal information:
Name: Nicolas Dupont
Address: 3 rue Berlier, 75000 Paris, FRANCE
Date of Birth: 7 march 1984
Marital Status: Married
Phone: (+33) 485 00 00 99
Profile Summary:
Bartender with eight years of experience across well known bar and hotels in France, looking for a happening hotel where I
could use my excellent customer service and bartending skills to increase the clientele and the profits.
Carreer objective:
Il n’est pas obligatoire de mettre cette section, cela dit:
Si vous êtes débutant ou que vous n’avez pas trop d’expérience, vous pouvez indiquer ceci:
To obtain an entry level position as a bartender at -nom du bar/hotel- in order to develop my skills further and learn as
much as I can about bartending.
Si vous avez plus d’expérience en tant que barman, essayez cela:
Looking for a bartending job at -nom du bar/hotel- where I could use my extensive bartending skills to serve
customers, challenge myself and grow as a bartender.
Key Skills:
More than eight years experience.
Excellent communication skills and pleasant personality.
Ability to work well under pressure among distractions and interruptions.
Expert in mixing, garnishing and serving drinks to the customers
Highly skilled in attracting new customers with exclusive bartending skills and by introducing special flavors
Ability to mix and serve beverages with limited varieties and brands of beer, liquor, soda, and wine.
Ability at calculating, money handling and reading skills.
Able to quickly recognize shortages of supplies based on the volume of business and insure their quickly replacement.
Physically fit and able to walk around for up to seven hours per shift
2003 – French baccalauréat S (High School Diploma specialised in science and maths)
2005 – Hospitality Diploma (Paris)
Work experience:


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