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Scott Dunbar
2811 Silver Place
Superior, CO 80027
303 667 6343
Highly qualified technical leader, senior architect, and software engineer with more than 20 years of extensive,
multidisciplinary industry experience and a proven ability to execute. Diverse range of expertise including
architecture and development of distributed n-tier systems, extensive database background, cross-platform
development, and management of engineering and QA teams. Over 10 years of Java and Java EE architecture
and development experience.
Technical Summary
Programming Languages, Development Environments, and Packages
Java / Java EE (J2EE), Microsoft .NET with C#, Apache Tomcat, Oracle Glassfish, JBoss, WebLogic Server,
WebLogic Portal Server, Apache web server, EJB 3, Java Persistence API (JPA), Servlets and Java Server Pages
(JSP), Java Server Faces (JSF), SOAP with JAX-WS and Apache Axis, JSON, Apache Active MQ and JMS,
Ant, Struts, Hibernate, JMX, XML packages such as DOM/SAX and JAXP, XPath, XQuery, JavaScript, Sencha
ExtJS, YAHOO YUI, AJAX, TCP and UDP network development in C, C++, Java and C#, XMPP (Jabber),
Amazon (AWS) EC2/S3/CloudFront, cross platform threads, symmetric multiprocessing, clustered application
server development and deployment.
Databases and Database Client Tools
Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and Sybase database client development (native and
JDBC) and server administration, standard database tools and concepts such as triggers, stored procedures and
declarative referential integrity
Professional Experience
GutCheck - a start-up company producing a DIY qualitative research tool
V.P. of Engineering - full time employee
Denver, Colorado - 2/2010 to present
Manage the engineering and Q/A teams responsible for creating an online tool that allows do-it-yourself
qualitative researchers to bring research participants into a one-on-one chat or group bulletin board in
real time. The tool was the winner of the DEMO people's choice award in March of 2011.
Hands-on with daily involvement in the architecture, design, and agile implementation of new code in
addition to delivery planning, daily stand-ups, schedules and sprint planning, hiring, and performance
Manage electronic information infrastructure for the entire company, from hosting to phone system.
Product uses an SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) with a Java/JEE back-end and a Sencha/ExtJS
front end. Communication between the browser (desktop and mobile) and the back-end uses XML and
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