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Curriculum Vitae
Mohd. Sanwar Hossain Akando
P.O. Box- 1759, Dubai
United Arab Emirates.
Mobile: +971 553196254
E-mail; sanwar702@yahoo.com
Looking for a challenging position in the field of Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning in
an organization where my experience and educational qualifications can serve in a
positive way to achieve the organizational goals.
Technical Qualification :
Diploma/Certificate in Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning-1994
Academic Qualification:
Bachelor Degree, University of Dhaka
Computer Knowledge :
MS Word, Excel, Access, Power point. E-mail, Internet
Driving License:
Valid Saudi Arabian driving license.
UAE Driving License under Processing
Languages Known :
English, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali
Special Training Course:
(A) Bangladesh Television Center (BTV).
Dhaka, Bangladesh.
(Three months practical training to operation & maintenance in chiller, Cooling
tower, AHU, FCU, ducting system in the central air-conditioning plant)
(B) National Assembly Building, (Bangladesh Parliament),
Dhaka, Bangladesh.
(Three months practical training to operation, maintenance & servicing in the
chiller, AHU, FCU and cooling tower in central air-conditioning plant)
(C) Sanden Intercool Middle East (SK)
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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