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To join an organization in which I can put to use the skills I have garnered in over 28 years of government
service as a Senior Intelligence Analyst, Researcher, and Investigator in a position emphasizing (but not
limited to) proactive leadership, management, strategic analysis, mentoring, planning, predictive analysis,
project analysis, fiduciary controls, technical support, writing, editing, publishing, and customer service.
Professional Profile - Work History: Over twenty-eight (28) total years combined civilian and military tenure
as a strategic and tactical intelligence analyst serving at Department of the Army, Department of Defense,
Joint, International, and multinational levels worldwide. Nineteen years, seven months, and fourteen days as
a United States Army strategic and tactical intelligence analyst serving world-wide.
Seven (7) years as a United States Army Reserve Military Intelligence Officer - All-Source Analysis (USAR -
35D) analyst assigned in a USAR Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA) position at Headquarters, Forces
Command, Deputy Chief of Staff, Intelligence (HQ, FORSCOM/DCSINT) with a comprehensive background in
computerized intelligence analysis support systems. Experience in leadership, intelligence analysis, military
intelligence journalism, tactics, operations, policy and plans, operations security, scenario development,
exercise control, and security involving problem-solving, decision-making, and trouble-shooting in intelligence
analysis and security management positions.
Intelligence Analysis: Over twenty-five (25) years as a strategic level current intelligence analyst at the
Department of Defense (DoD) level and within an international Joint Service arena, plus three years as a
tactical intelligence analyst at an United States Army Corps. One year billeted as an Intelligence Operations
Officer for the Deputy Chief of Staff, Intelligence at Forces Command Headquarters.
Over twenty-eight (28) total years of predictive analysis covering current intelligence matters, Intelligence
Preparation of the Battlefield (IPB), Indications and Warning (I&W) intelligence, Order of Battle (OB, OOB, or
OrBat), economic and geopolitical issues, international criminal organizations and structures, future war-
fighting planning and policy development, counter-crime (CC), counterintelligence and counterterrorist (CI/CT)
tactics and operational planning, counterinsurgency (COINOPS), Operations Security (OPSEC), Low Intensity
Conflict (LIC), Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) or urban warfare, medical and technical
intelligence, humanitarian assistance support, naval operations, logistical planning and operations, scenario
development and exercise control.
Administration/Training: Supervised and managed administrative personnel within classified facilities at
Corps, Joint and Department of Defense (DoD) levels. Streamlined administrative procedures to facilitate
operations in support of war-fighters and humanitarian aid missions. Developed and administered unit
intelligence analyst training programs at Corps, Department of Defense (DoD), and Joint levels. Three years
experience in intelligence and operations at a TRADOC Brigade. Extensive knowledge and training, as
operator, trainer, and cross-trainer in intelligence and administrative computer support systems.
Political Journalism/Writing/Editing/Publishing: Twenty-eight years of military intelligence research,
compilation, writing, drafting, editing, proofreading, reprographics, product design, cover design, layout,
quality control, product finalization, publishing, dissemination and control of documents and briefings covering
predictive analysis, current intelligence matters, IPB, I&W intelligence, OB, international criminal organizations
and structures, economic and geo-political issues, future war-fighting planning and policy development,
CC/CI/CT tactics and operational planning, COINOPS, LIC, MOUT, medical and technical intelligence,
humanitarian assistance planning and operations, OPSEC, naval operations and exercise support, logistical
support, scenario development and exercise control, intelligence computer support systems research, design
and development, security, plans, policy, programs, office and personnel management.
Professional communications skills - personal, written, oral, and visual - at all levels.
Comprehensive background in computer support systems.
Computer literacy including and functional understanding and experience in the use of one or more of the
following information support applications and systems: NT Office, PageMaker, FrameMaker, Pathfinder,
LOCE, RMS, ALE, 5D, ELT, NIPRNET, SIPRNET, JWICS, ApplixWare, MicroSoft Windows, MS Word, MS
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United Kingdom
Intl Cell: 011-44-(0)7756-302160
E-Mail(s): jlabargebryan@yahoo.com
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