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Russell E. Cummings II
181 Cummings Rd. Home: (512) 446-2329 Cell: (512)269-8602
Thorndale, TX. 76577 email: rocketman7@farm-market.net
Organized, self-motivated, creative problem-solver with experience in Systems Design and Development, and Hardware
Applications Engineering. Expertise in designs from concept to production, high speed digital interfaces and FPGA design. Works
well in a team or as an individual contributor
Technical Aptitudes
Viewdraw/DxDesigner Mentor Graphics DA Orcad (Design Entry CIS) Concept (Design Entry HDL)
Allegro PCB Editor Constraint Manager HDL Designer ModelSim
Precision Synthesis Altera Quartus II MAXPLUS II Lattice ispLEVER
Xilinx ISE Verilog Novas Debussy FrameMaker
Word Excel PowerPoint Visio
PCI Express Serial Rapid I/O Gigabit Ethernet DDR, DDR2 and DDR3
Oscilloscope Logic analyzer UNIX C, C++ and assembly
Freescale Semiconductor, Austin, TX 2004 – Present
Senior Hardware Engineer
Designed test cards, reference cards and development systems for new PowerQUICC III processors. Designed entire system,
entered schematics, entered electrical and routing constraints, directed layout and routing of the PCB, bring-up and debug of
the design and support of the design with both internal and external customers. Designed and implemented several Interposers
boards to allow for initial board bring-up before the initial silicon for the new processor was in house. Designs included PCI
Express (Gen 1 and Gen 2) and Serial Rapid IO (SRIO) for high speed serial interfaces, DDR2/3 memory, local bus sections,
multiple Giga-bit Ethernet ports, power-on reset support, I2C and SPI interfaces and UART support.
Provided review of customer design based on PowerQUICC III processors including schematic and layout. Developed and gave
presentations to FAEs and customers along with application and design notes.
Designed and coded FPGA for new Data path control card. Designed several High-Speed Bridge card to connect two test cards
together and allow for testing of multiple PCI Express interfaces.
Volt, Inc. (Contract with AMD), Austin, TX 2004 – 2004
Electrical Engineer
Tested and verified customer designs using AMD processors including the Athlon and Opteron. Tests included HyperTransport
and DDR interfaces.
Intrinsity, Inc., Austin, TX 2002 – 2004
Hardware Application Engineer
Provided hardware applications engineering for the company. Provided support for the 2GHz FastMATH and FastMIPS
processors. Wrote and updated applications notes, customer and new employee training on these parts and support of the
evaluation/development board. Designed the latest revision of the FastMATH evaluation board and updated the documentation
for the design.
Designed FPGA to translate a RapidIO port to a PCI Bus interface. Designed test board for this FPGA, using DxDesigner for
schematic entry and will work with a local layout house for the PCB design and manufacturing.
Aerotek, Inc. (Contract with General Dynamics Land Systems), Tallahassee, FL 2002 – 2002
Electrical Design Engineer
Designed a VME64x backplane for the upgrade of the M1A2 Mission Processor Unit. The backplane included interfaces to USB,
Firewire, Fibre Channel, Ethernet (10BaseT and 100BaseTX), serial ports and 1553 utility bus. This included schematic entry
(DxDesigner and DxAnalog), writing documentation for the project (Microsoft Office), working with CAD on board layout and
design verification.
IBM, Austin, TX 2000 - 2001
Advisory Engineer
Provided customer support as a Hardware Applications Engineering for the 750CX/CXe PowerPC microprocessor. Answered
customer design questions, maintained customer specific and general specifications, wrote application notes and validation test
plans including schedules for validation.
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Cisco Systems, Inc., Austin, TX 1999 - 2000
Hardware Engineer
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