Executive Assistant Resume

Executive assistants function with top rated company executives and their main role is to provide their superiors with top notch assistance. The post is quite prestigious and if you want to apply for this post, you firstly have to create an impression in your interview rounds. Having a good resume goes prove to be beneficial in this regards. Your executive assistant cv helps you to create the right first impression. You need to ensure that the resume which you create incorporates comprehensive detailing of all your crucial information and that too in an orderly manner. There are professionally created executive assistant resume samples available over the web and following that you can create an impressive resume of your own.

Executive Assistant Resume Objective

It is mainly a short description which holds a catchy statement. That statement is mainly targeted to the interviewer or the employer and helps to outline your personal career direction. It explains what your expectation are from a company and how you will prove to be proficient in their expansion. Simultaneously your EA resume objective will also specifically point out that are someone who fits into the requirements of your employer.

Experts Take on Executive Assistant Resume Objective

When talking about why you write an objective in a resume, it is mainly to get the job. But experts state that it is more than mentioning something like-“Just hire me as I am super skilled.” In words of experts- ‘executive assistant resume objective is to serve as your concise introduction showing your employers or interviewers that you are best suited for the post applying for.’

Some Examples of an EA Resume Objective

  • Obtaining the position of an Executive Assistant at XYZ Company which promotes career enhancements with the use of administration, clerical and managerial skills for mutual development and accomplishment!
  • Seeking for the post of an Executive Assistant in a challenging work environment

Just check out executive assistant resume samples available over the World Wide Web to understand this aspect clearly. The format is created by experts keeping in mind what hiring officials look for in a resume. So just download it and follow it carefully.

Executive Assistant Resume Samples

Executive Assistant Resume Sample
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Executive Administrative Assistant Resume
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Sample Executive Assistant Resume
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Executive Assistant Resume CV Sample
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Executive Assistant Resume Summary

An executive assistant resume summary is mainly a statement which catches the attention of hiring official by mentioning important information in a summarized manner. The language used is very simple and appears in a paragraph form. An executive assistant resume summary is just some short sentences which is highlights all your key skills and work experience.
Think of it this way, hiring officials have to go through plenty of resumes every day per jobs. By incorporating an adequate summary, you are simply putting their job easier. And that is a very good thing! You can take aid of online resume templates to know about EA resume summary. They are created by professionals in the field and will prove effective for your resume creation.

The Difference Between Resume Objective and Summary

It is imperative that before making your EA resume, you know the differences between a resume objective and a summary. There are many applicants who get confused with this and hence ruin their chance to create the right impression upon the hiring official.
Here are some worthy differences:

  1. A resume summary is written in a paragraph form while an objective is just of 2-3 sentences.
  2. A resume summary is situated at the top of your resume whereas your objective appears at the top but underneath your name and personal address.
  3. A resume summary mainly gives an overview of your previous work history while your objective states your industry title and in what designation you want to work.
  4. Your resume summary informs the hiring official why he/she should hire you and how beneficial you can prove for their company.

On the contrary, your resume objective makes the hiring official aware of your 2-3 key skills and why you are a good choice for their organization. Just check out one professional executive assistant resume template available online in PDFs or WORD format. They are free and on downloading it, you can get a precise idea about these two aspects.

Executive Assistant Resume Examples

Executive Assistant Resume Template
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Executive Assistant Resume Skills

The main job description of an executive assistant is taking care of all incoming and outgoing calls, arranging meetings, filing complicated database and systems, reviewing important documents etc.
So when you prepare your resume, you have to incorporate all key skills which coincide to the post you are looking.
As per experts, executive assistant resume skills which you should include are:

  • Transferable Skills: These mainly include the ability to read or write, processing calls and requests properly, various computer skills, any form of management experience and success to meet up hectic deadlines.
  • Job oriented key Skills: It mainly includes knowledge in MS office, office equipment, ability to create and keep databases properly and also coordinating audio and video conference calls.
  • Administrative Skills: It includes administrative support, accounting skills, maintaining client relationships, managing events as per calendar schedule, proofreading and preparing expenditure reports.

Plus if you have any other key skill which you think should go well with your post, simply incorporate that in your resume too.
To get a better idea about executive assistant resume, you can simply download professionally created resume templates for your assistance. These have all the important key skills categorized and using that as a reference, you can create an impeccable resume.