Dental Assistant Resume

Being a dental assistant isn't a very conventional career choice. Therefore, it is understandable that there may be a lack of information when it comes to writing CV’s for a job. Being a dental assistant can be very useful for someone who wishes to pursue a career in dentistry. All you need to do is compose an effective Dental Assistant resume for your job application. Going through a dental assistant resume sample will make applying for the job a lot simpler, especially since these professional samples are readily available online.

What Does a Dental Assistant Do?

For those who are not particularly sure, there is the question, what does a dental assistant do? An assistant while not performing any core dentistry as such still has a lot of work that needs to get done. It is very difficult for a dentist to perform all his duties.

Dental Assistant Duties

  • Ensuring patients are comfortable and well taken care of while in the chair and waiting.
  • Preparing work stations and setting up tools and equipment before and after procedures.
  • Taking care of and organizing paper for various patients for ease of filing.
  • Sterilizing and ensuring safety of equipment.
  • Constantly assist dentists during procedures by handing over equipment to them.
  • Keep patients’ mouths dry during operations.
  • Inform patients about necessary oral hygiene.
  • Do a number of lab tasks, like x-rays, as and when informed.
  • See to billing and payments.
  • Scheduling appointments and dates accordingly.

Other Procedures

  • Coronal polishing - This helps in the removal of plaque and other residue, thereby cleaning the teeth.
  • Sealant Application - This is a thin, plastic substance that is painted onto the teeth to keep out bacteria and food particles and form cavities.
  • Fluoride Application - Another cavity avoiding measure.
  • Topical Anaesthetic - Used to numb certain areas of the mouth and prep the patient for a painful procedure.

Before writing out a CV, go through the available professionally built dental assistant resume examples online to see what all skills are required to land the job. In fact, you can always download templates for free and use accordingly without any hassle.

Dental Assistant Resume Samples

Dental Assistant Resume Sample
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Dental Assistant Sample Resume
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Dental Assistant Resume Objective

Depending on the job and the kind of CV you’re trying to create, an objective may or may not be a part of it. As direct as it sounds, an objective states the reasons you’re applying for this post and what you hope to achieve from it while stating the relevant skills you possess. A dental assistant resume objective may vary slightly from one CV to the next.
The following tips on how to write an objective should make the process simpler. Although for absolute convenience, feel free to use one of many a professional framed dental assistant resume template available online which can be downloaded or even edited online and saved for later use.

Writing a Resume Objective

  • Paragraphs or Points. An objective can either be written in a short paragraph or even in a point format. Many people choose to write a paragraph because it brings the CV together fairly well. When going through online dental assistant resume examples, see which format is better suited.
  • Relevant Skills. State a few key skills that make your application relevant to the job profile that you are applying for.
  • Suitability. This small objective of a sentence or two sells your credibility to a possible employer. Ensure that the dental assistant resume objective shows the employer how suitable you are for the job and company.

Dental Assistant Resume Templates

Basic Dental Assistant Resume Sample
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Dental Assistant Resume Template
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Dental Assistant Resume Skills

There are certain soft skills, at the very least, that are essential in this job profile. These skills should be stated in a clear and precise manner. This is the most important part of any CV because employers are able to judge your relevance to the post and how far you’d be able to assist them and enhance their practice.
Download and browse through a few professional dental assistant resume examples to learn about skills, other education requirements before proceeding to submit a job application.

Required Skills

  • Attention to Details. It is very important for dental assistants to be detailed oriented. If they do not follow every step of protocol or are not meticulous about operations, they could cause an infection or something to go wrong during procedures. This could be extremely disastrous for any dental practice.
  • Interpersonal Skills. Dentists and their assistants are constantly interacting with their patients. Being good at communicating and keeping patients’ minds occupied during exams, tests or certain procedures is crucial, especially if they’re painful.
  • Organisational Skills. As stated above, dental assistant resume skills should include being able to handle paper, billing and payments efficiently. Also they should have expertise in setting up schedules, meetings, appointments, etc.

To know more about writing an effective resume download a professional dental assistant resume template available online. These are available in a number of formats like MS Word, PDF etc. Fill in the relevant details and secure your next job.