Customer Service Resume

Being a customer service representative is one of the highest jobs in demand currently. The competition to fill these posts in various companies is quite high. In this regard, it would be crucial to pass interview rounds successfully. However, before you can qualify for an interview, submitting a good customer service CV is extremely important. This could very well be your winning ticket, as it is the first you’re offering to a possible future employer. You can download a CV online for convenience and ease of accessibility.

Customer Service Job Description

Customer service representatives usually handle queries and questions of the customers via phone calls. They make and receive calls in regards to products, complaints, questions and updates. A requirement is to search for the customer in the data base, update their information or register a complaint on their behalf, provide solutions for problems, handle returns, etc. As a rep, you may even be required to send e-mails, make logs, sell products and services, etc. The job description is rather wide, so go through a customer service resume sample to figure out how to write an appropriate CV or download directly for free.

Customer Service Resume Samples

Customer Service Resume Sample
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Sample Customer Service Resume
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Customer Service Resume Template
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Customer Service Representative Resume
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Customer Service Resume Objective

The objective of any resume acts as an introduction to one’s self. It provides future employers with an overview of who you are in regards to the position you’ve applied for, and why you – from all the other applicants – should be chosen for that post.

Writing a Customer Service Resume Objective

  • Concise: Do not write long sentences or create a large paragraph. This is only an introduction to more information available in your customer service CV.
  • Precise: In a customer service representative objective, do not go into details about your personal or professional life. Simply state why you would be an asset to the company and job at hand.
  • Simplicity: Use simple but intelligent words. Do not use any unnecessary terms or figures of speech. Ensure that your objective is easy to understand, grammatically correct and leaves a lasting impression on the employer.
  • Brief Skills: An objective should highlight your ability to handle tasks, delegates, organize and prioritize important work.

If you get a template designed by professionals, you can be rest assured to have included all these important points.

Examples of a Customer Service Resume Objective

Here are a few customer service resume examples of objectives to help you get started:

  • Dedicated and driven customer service representative with 2 years of experience seeking a position in a team-oriented environment that makes utmost use of skills in building customer relations. Proven competency and computer knowledge with the ability to multitask and attend to customer requirements efficiently.
  • Focused and experienced customer service agent looking for new challenges with a primary focus on successful results. Advanced knowledge in handling customer relations with innovative strategies and competent computer skills.

Customer Service Resume Templates

Retail Customer Service Resume
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Customer Service Resume Example
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Customer Service Resume Skills

In every customer service resume sample, there are a number of skills that are listed. This is a necessary portion of a CV whether one has experience working in this field or not. Writing a comprehensive list of customer service skills should showcase your abilities and prove to the employers that you have the basic knowledge and expertise required for the position.

Necessary Customer Service Resume Skills

Your customer service resume skills should include the following:

  • Communication. The ability to communicate clearly and efficiently is important for a customer service representative. This is not only necessary for verbal communication but written as well. Employers hire people who know local languages apart from English.
  • Listening. Apart from being able to sell a service or handle customer relations, as a representative, you may receive many complaints, queries or have to handle returns for a variety of reasons. So, include the expertise of listening first.
  • Positive Attitude. One of the basic customer service resume skills that can be found on every CV is a positive attitude and energetic approach to the job. Customers should be confident in your ability to help them and should be pleased by their conversation with you.
  • Other Skills. This should include various technical skills like MS Office, MS Word, etc., along with flexibility, attentiveness, delegation, sales experience, reliability, responsibility, and other such technical requires that the employer is looking for.

The best is to download a free template from reliable websites. Those have been specifically developed by professionals who ensure you land the job.

Customer Service Resume Summary

A customer service resume summary is not always an essential part of a CV. It is generally used as a part of a cover letter or job description to state key skills, qualifications and other areas of specialty to employers for hiring a candidate.

How to Use a Customer Service Resume Summary Example

  • In order to write a good summary, go through various customer service resume examples. This will provide an outline against which you can create your own CV.
  • If this is too much work and you’re applying under a time constraint, opt for online templates.
  • These will simply require you to fill in basic information and then take a print out or save a soft copy.
  • Templates are available in different formats like MS Word, PDF and others. Download the most convenient one to use.

Remember to update your customer service resume summary in order to stay relevant and up to date with the job market. Highlight key points to grab attention of the employer. Download your required template today!