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Erick Smith, P.E.
7206 N. 950 East
Darlington, IN 47940
(765) 436-2186
Sustainability has always been a passion. After purchasing a small farm 7 years ago, I immediately explored the
options of farming sustainably. While working as a Professional Engineering in the construction industry, I
researched several models and initiated a small scale poultry operation utilizing pasture and organic feed. Eventually,
the operation expanded to include a laying flock, herd of Katahdin hair sheep, and honey bees. The intent of the
operation is a multi species grazing model that sustains the land, my family, and clients. After operating for 6 years,
the systems that have been implemented and the clientele are both solid. I will continue to expand our operation and
to include a multi-use processing facility and educational center. Currently, I am a Graduate Student at Purdue
University studying sustainability. The purpose of continued education is to obtain a Doctor of Philosophy with the
intent of education in sustainability. The dissertation will be based upon the construction and performance evaluation
of a poultry processing facility utilizing renewable technologies. Publishing the findings would allow other producers
to replicate the project’s positive aspects.
As a Professional Engineer, designed many electrical systems including apartment complexes, office spaces, waste
water treatment, and ethanol plants.
Started a small farming poultry operation of 1000 birds per year using on farm processing.
Successfully managed a flock of sheep and brought them to market via a grass fed model; no grain or chemicals
Self motivated to learn any new technical skill.
Manage daily livestock maintenance and other tasks related to the running of a small farm.
Manage project design deadlines with draftsmen and other engineers.
Utilized construction field experience to assist in planning of field installations.
Manage daily activities to ensure efficiencies for assigned projects.
Scheduled projects for manpower and material needs utilizing Microsoft Project.
Accountable for manpower productivity, quality, and safety.
Manage clients and multiple needs to ensure client satisfaction.
Genuinely care about people and how they feel about themselves and me.
Currently performing as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for BCM 215 and BCM 216 labs.
Adjunct Professor for BCM 316, Electrical estimating (Spring 2007), at Purdue University.
National Center for Construction Education and Research Certified Instructor (February 1997)
Instructed the third year electrical apprenticeship which consists of adult style education.
Take advantage of in-house opportunity to instruct fellow employees on technical know-how I have acquired.
Thoroughly enjoy teaching; it not only expands the horizons of others, but allows me to realize my own potential.
Coordinated with owner’s representative to insure the owners needs were satisfied.
Coordinated with the field for quality control, progress, and design improvements.
Established intra-department communication lines.
Worked to motivate both co-workers and employees.
Erick Smith, P.E.
7206 N. 950 East
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