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An office manager plays a key role in the office and involves in all tasks namely
supervision, reporting, payroll, maintenance and administration. Office manager's
primary role is to coordinate teams and tasks and thereby promote an effective work.
Office manager also takes care of all administrative activities of an organization. Office
manager must also have some knowledge on basic accounting since he would be
responsible for taking care of the Bookkeeping or accounting activities also. One can
make use of this sample resume format while preparing their actual resume.
Resume-Office Manager
James Mike
3333, 33, Some Drive,
NY 111111
Home: (Include home phone number)
Cell: (Include cell phone number)
Email:(Include email id)
I am currently working as office manager. I have 9 years of Professional experience in
Office Management and Human Resources and Administration activities of an
As an Office Manager I want to coordinate and control all activities in an Office
effectively and efficiently which would help the organization to achieve its objectives and
goals with satisfied customer.
Bachelor of Arts English Literature, NY, 1996
Professional Certifications:
Professional Certification in Management, 1998 from Hampston, NY
Expertise in Using Microsoft Tools namely Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook,
Access, WordPerfect
Have a good accurate typing speed of 80wpm
Have good English-language skills both verbal and written
Capable of working under pressure and meet deadlines as scheduled with quality
in work
Appointment Setting
Capable of taking care of customer service activities and also front office
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