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Kerri Marshall
9301 Rendell Drive
Coldstream B.C. V1B 2L3
To obtain full time employment
Work Experience:
April 21
– October 17
Vernon Veterinary Clinic 250-542-9707
Annette Farkas(office manager)
Dr. Dave Lemiski(Vet)
Dr. Sara Strobiki(Vet)
Position – Kennel Attendant. This position includes cleaning and keeping a spotless and
sterile work environment in both, the back surgical areas, exam rooms, ultrasound, x-ray,
and upfront where our clientele can see. I do all of the laundry throughout the day and
monitor animals prior to and post surgery in their appropriate kennels. Some receptionist
jobs as filing, checking clients in, and setting up exam rooms are tended too as needed. I
took care of the food orders and putting them away correctly. Lastly I was able to learn
and preform lots of duties of a Vet Tech. This position taught me an exceptional amount
of the hospital aspects from folding and wrapping greens and surgical packs, to holding
animals for Vet`s. Keeping my original duties up to date and yet being able to float
throughout the clinic helping whoever needed assistance was an amazing opportunity.
November 2013 – April 2014 (seasonal)
Long John`s Pub (Silver Star Mtn Resort)
John Earl – Pub manager. 250-549-2992
Ryan Van Nieuwkerk – Head Chef. 250-306-0799
Position – Line Cook and food prep.
March 2013 – July 2013
Helmut's Sausage Kitchen
Monica West – Deli manager
Position – Deli Clerk. Duties include Customer service, Slicing meat, Making lunches,
Preparing raw meats, Serving, filling show case and shelves, Cleaning. Opening and
closing shifts. Full time.
November 2012 – January 2013 (seasonal)
Marks Work Wear House
Adrienne, Floor manager - 250-542-2380
Responsibilities included: Sales floor(woman's clothing, Industrial clothing/boots, Men's
clothing). Folding and sorting clothes, Merchandising, Cashier. Working late on
promotional nights, sale nights, and helping with our charity -Jumpstart.
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