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Supervisors: Alex Davidson (Exploration Manager-
Western Canada and International) and Ian Pirie
(District Geologist)
04-1985 to 02-1989 Esso Minerals Canada
Project Geologist. Responsible for planning and
implementation of property and regional exploration
programs for massive sulphides and gold in the
Cordillera and Western Shield. Duties included:
project generation, budgeting, mapping, core
logging, geological interpretation and technical
report preparation.
Supervisors: John McDonald (Exploration Manager
Western Canada) and Jack Marr (District
04-1984 to 12-1984 BP Resources Canada Limited – Selco Division
Contract Geologist working on alkaline Cu-Au
project in North Central BC. Duties included:
supervision of field crews, regional and property
mapping, geological interpretation and technical
report preparation.
Supervisor: Mark Rebagliatti (District Geologist)
1983 Contract Geologist
Contracts included petrographic and SEM studies of
ore samples from epithermal Au deposits in B.C. and
the U.S.
04-1982 to 12-1982 Archer Cathro and Associates (1981) Ltd.
Party Chief, Wernecke Joint Venture. Responsible
for the management of a helicopter supported
diamond drilling project and regional exploration
program for diatreme hosted U and SEDEX Pb-Zn
deposits in the northern Yukon. Other duties
included: geological mapping, core logging, report
preparation and drafting.
05-1981 to 09-1981 Archer Cathro and Associates (1981) Ltd.
Contract Geologist, Wernecke Joint Venture. Duties
included: property and regional geological mapping,
technical report preparation and drafting.
06-1980 to 09-1980 Placer Development Ltd.
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