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Edward T. Noftle
50 Medford Street, Chelsea, MA 02150
617-224-8984, 617-466-0422
Experience: Explosive Detection / Patrol K9 Handler, Chelsea Police 04/2009-Present
Boston Marathon Bombing Scene / Assist Boston Police
Utilize canine in conducting vehicle, building and article searches
Provide mutual aid at high profile / special events
Conduct searches for the presence of explosives / explosive devices
Conduct routine patrols as a deterrent for criminal activity
Respond to calls threatening public safety
Provide assistance in calls for police service
Apprehend criminal offenders
Responsible for daily care of canine, including feeding, grooming and proving
sanitary kennel and home environment
Testified in courtroom proceedings
Collect and preserve ballistic evidence :
04/18/2010, 10-827-AR, 11-2600-OF, 10-2118-OF, 10-4807-OF, 09/29/11
12-5694-OF, 13-336-OF,
Insurance Fraud Investigator, Chelsea Police 2005-2012
Assist the Insurance Fraud Bureau and Insurance Companies in the detection of
fraudulent insurance claims IFB Case 06-03-020 /Jorge
Assist the Governor’s Auto Theft Strike Force in the recovery of stolen vehicles
Investigate auto accident and personal injury fraud cases
Provided testimony on complaints for fraud at the Chelsea District Court
Collect and preserve evidence in insurance fraud cases
Review reports from Patrol Division for unusual activity in the detection of potential
fraudulent claims
Fire Investigator, Chelsea Police 1999-2012
Investigate fire scenes. Conducted over 100 fire investigations
Investigate the origin and cause of fires
Arrest & Prosecution of serial Arsonist (Comm v Leccese)
Collect and process documentation in fire scene investigations. Maintain security
of evidence
Participate in joint task force of federal, state and local agencies in fire scene
Certified Fire & Explosion Investigator (CFEI)
Education and Training
Salem State College 1984 - 1985
Curry College, Bachelor of Arts 09/1995 – 05/1997
Anna Maria College, Master of Arts 11/1999 – 03/2001
Waltham Police Academy 09/12/1988 - 12/08/1988
Police Officer, City of Chelsea 12/12/1988 – Present
Patrol Canine Handler 09/2009 – 12/2009
Explosive Detection Canine Handler 04/2009 – 06/2009
Basic Canine First Aid 04/29/2011
Canine Search and Seizure 09/20/2010
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