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Joseph Lalama
Seeking an EMC/EMI engineering position.
Wayne State University Detroit, MI
B.S., Electrical Engineering
EMC/EMI Engineer
1999 - Present (30 years) Visteon / Ford Motor Co. Van Buren Twp, MI
Responsible for the EMC compliance of systems and provide technical guidance,
design guidance, review and analysis in areas related to EMC verification and
Preparation of supporting analysis and simulation, formulation of test plans, planning
of proper resources and facilities, execution of compliance tests, and preparation of
the technical material for the final report.
Overseeing EMC testing on systems for qualifications and help determine test pass/fail
Upgrading the EMC lab capabilities, including the design and documentation (e.g.
writing EMC test procedures/plans.
Assisting as required in performing EMC qualifications, and writing qualification test
Understand of filter design for analog, digital, power, and RF circuits including passive
and active filtering and power factor correction.
Knowledge of transient protection techniques for power line transients as well as
lighting suppression.
Knowledge of transmission line, antenna, wave theory, and RF measurement
parameters such as spectrum power.
Ability to use test equipment such as oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzer, network
analyzer, power meter, signal generator, voltmeter, impedance analyzer, antennas,
injection probes, monitor probes, and function generator.
Knowledge of EMC Engineering Standards (GMW3097, XW7T-1A278-AC, MIL-STD
461-462-464-704 requirements).
Travel to outside EMC test houses, to audit and validate EMC testing (Dayton T.
Brown EMC Lab in Long Island New York, Elite EMC Lab in Chicago, UL EMC Test
lab in Farmington, and TUV EMC Lab in Plymouth.
Validation/Test Engineer
Perform High Voltage testing (3-phase 330 V ac systems) for the inverter module used
56116 Red Cedar Ct.
Shelby Township, MI 48316
Primary (586) 677-0303
Secondary (586) 604-4215
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