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Susan Wright
September 2004 -
Baccalaureate in Arts, Honours Communication/CO-OP
To date
University of Ottawa (ON)
Currently in second year
University of Ottawa's Admission Scholarship
Dean's Honour List for the year 2004-2005
Scholarship to study in French
September 2000 -
Ontario Secondary School Diploma
June 2004
Louis-Riel High School (ON)
Enriched Program
Ontario Scholar Certificate
Award for Artist of the Year in French Composition
Award for the class “Les Grandes oeuvres de la littérature
• Planned and edited a Flash animation for an annual fashion and talent show for
350 people in high school for two consecutive years
• Designed and created pieces of clothing
• Created different videos for the Video course
• Organized several work groups for university and high school classes
• Proven initiative by planning a fundraiser for Afghan orphans as a member of a
multicultural committee in high school and gave the funds to the Embassy for
distribution in the country
• Coordinated an art and fashion show; created the advertising posters; worked in
a group to find the theme; organized several fundraisers to finance the show
• Organized a multicultural show as a member of the multicultural committee
• LANGUAGES: Speak and write fluently in both French and English
(bilingual) and have basic notions
• WRITTEN COMMUNICATION: Participated in the creation of a
school book on mental health
• Journalist for the school paper at Louis-Riel High School
• Wrote and corrected several essays and informative texts for
Communication and Politics classes
• Revised and corrected spelling, syntax and grammar errors of
essays written by fellow students
• ORAL SKILLS: Addressed several oral presentations in various classes
• Member of a UN debate circle in high school
• Participated in the television quiz VirezNet
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