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Youth Care Worker Resume
Nick Catello,
604 Harmony Lane,
Brooksville, FL 18765,
(925) 555-1234
Looking for a position of youth care worker in any non-profit sector to provide safety and security to the
facility and take reasonable care so that others aren't harmed.
Personal Summary:
More than five years of experience as youth care worker.
Excellent communication skills.
Strong interpersonal skills.
Ability to perform conflict resolution.
Ability to provide affection, security and continuity in the care of youth.
Ability to handle confidential issues appropriately.
Ability to handle multiple tasks.
Ability to build trusting relationships with clients.
Professional Background:
G4S Youth Services - Tampa, FL
Youth Care Worker, 2002-2004
Maintained client progress notes and assisted in developing goal-oriented service plans.
Provided client supervision and maintained appropriate documentation.
Reported all inadequacies in provision of service to clients.
Prepared and submitted documentation and reports within required timelines.
Provided feedback and counseling to youth regarding social skills, behavior, and anger
Ensured proper movement and supervision of youth.
Assisted with medication pass as required.
Provided first aid treatment as necessary.
Youth Development Institute- Palmetto, FL,
Child Care Worker, 1999-2001
Supervised and positively interacted with children.
Supervised age appropriate play activities with children.
Implemented behavior modification techniques as instructed.
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