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Curriculum Vitae
Name Jonathan NEVILL
Address PO Box 106, Hampton Victoria Australia
Telephone Australia 0422 926 515
Secondary: Brighton Grammar, Melbourne.
Tertiary: Monash University, Melbourne:
Bachelor of Arts (major in sociology)
Bachelor of Engineering (mechanical) 2A honours
M.Env.Sc (minor thesis: wildlife cooperative area management)
PhD (overfishing under regulation) University of Tasmania
Awards: 1970 Monash University Prize for Solid Body Mechanics
1976 Commonwealth Postgraduate Scholarship
2004 University of Tasmania Postgraduate Scholarship.
Member, Australian Marine Science Association,
Member, Australian Marine Conservation Society,
Member, World Commission on Protected Areas (IUCN)
2005- 2009: research into overfishing under regulation. My PhD thesis is available online.
1998-05: contract research: water management strategies (including environmental assessment
processes); protected area policy, oil recycling, sewage, tradewaste and stormwater management.
1994-97: senior operations officer, NSW EPA, South Coast Region (EPO 10): wide range of
responsibilities including statutory (licensing, prosecutions, audits) and strategic (policy, assessment).
1992-94: senior environmental officer, Department of Minerals and Energy, Queensland (PO 4).
Detailed experience in assessment, regulation and policy development relating to environmental
management in the mining industry.
1990-92: environmental adviser, Australian International Development Assistance Bureau, Canberra
(ASO 6.4). I provided advice on both policy and detailed project design.
1986 to 1989: regional environment officer for the Gippsland Office of the Ministry for Planning and
Environment, Victoria. Key areas: strategic land use planning, coastal planning, rehabilitation of land
disturbed by mining, catchment management.
Prior to 1986: research scientist in the Victorian EPA modelling air quality impacts of power stations
(four years in the research position, one year in the air quality licensing task force). Self-employed as
an environmental consultant for one year (1981); self employed as a film-maker (1973-75) - this
period included 3 months managing a maintenance workshop (mining camp). Also a variety of other
positions within the mining industry (see below).
My main strengths: (a) democratic, participative team leadership expertise; (b) education and
experience in a broad range of environmental areas, coupled with an analytical and thoughtful
approach to problem-solving; (c) depth of knowledge relating to environmental management in the
water industry, and medium and heavy industry; (d) highly developed interpersonal and lateral
thinking skills; (e) well-developed communication, writing, and report preparation skills; and (f) a
background as an environmental scientist in a rigorous and specialised field (air pollution modelling).
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