Administrative Assistant Resume

In a world run by corporations, the need for skilled and dependable administrative assistants is on the rise. If you’re looking to land a job in the same field, understand that your resume will do most of your job for you. With employers going through 100 CV’s every day, ensuring that the job is yours means your resume must be impeccable. To do so, simply download a professional administrative assistant resume sample to make formulating yours that much easier.

What is an Administrative Assistant?

An Administrative Assistant is someone who performs a number of clerical tasks like maintaining and monitoring expenditure and other records, creating spreadsheets and analyzing data. Professionally built online administrative assistant resume sample will have objectives that include creating appointments, keeping track of board meetings, planning events and luncheons, etc. There is a lot of paperwork that an assistant is required to do. Filing and ensuring nothing is lost is just a part of. Considering the amount tasks that are done, an assistant must have the required administrative assistant skills. Here is where professional resume for administrative assistant templates can be useful, as the lists of skills are already provided in the resume.

Administrative Assistant Resume Samples

Administrative Assistant Resume Sample
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Sample Administrative Assistant Resume
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Administrative Assistant Sample Resume
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Administrative Resume Template
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Administrative Assistant Resume Objective

Depending on the company to which the application is being made, an administrative assistant resume objective may be precise or slightly vague. Usually, the objective consists of a sentence or two that states the reasons for applying for the job or why a person’s application is relevant and should be considered for the post.
Since an objective is an introduction to the rest of the resume, it is important to make a lasting and good impression on a future employer. Simply swipe through online free administrative assistant resume examples and download a template that you like. There is no restriction on the number of downloads either.

Elements of a Resume Objective

The amazing advantage of using a professionally created resume for administrative assistant is that every element of the objective is present. This includes:

  • Employer requirements in terms of experience, education and soft skill set
  • It is to the point and concise, giving the employer an overview of what can be found in the resume.
  • Written in an active voice, an objective should portray and obvious enthusiasm to be working for the company or business.
  • Notice that all administrative resume objective examples refrain from using personal pronouns because it is unprofessional.
  • It is generally concise; a judicious use of words ensures that you are determined and not wasting anybody’s time.

Administrative Assistant Resume Templates

Administrative Assistant Resume Example
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Basic Administrative Assistant Resume
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Administrative Assistant Resume Skills

Below are a few skills that be found in an administrative assistant resume skills section of professionally created templates online:

  • Technological Skills. We live in an age of technology so this is a fundamental requirement. Appointments, handling files, organizing and other activities need to be done on a computer.
  • Communication Skills. Being in a busy office will require a lot of coordinating and communicating with various bosses and office staff to get jobs done.
  • Multitasking Skills. Usually many tasks need to be taken care of simultaneously, this will require an assistant to be able to delegate and get the job done ASAP.
  • Problem Solving Skills. As an assistant you will constantly need to think on your feet. There may be issues that crop up randomly that need to be rectified immediately.

With professionally designed administrative assistant resume samples jotting down your skill set in the form of points will be extremely easy. Use these templates to submit a job securing position in a company of your choice immediately!

Administrative Assistant Resume Summary

The great part about being able to avail of a resume for administrative assistant available online for free is that they are available with a summary already provided. This can be used as a simple cover letter for your resume or even in place of the objectives.
A summary is usually a short paragraph that explains to prospective employers why you would be an ideal candidate for their company with your experience, educational qualifications and skills set.

Writing a Summary:

While there are plenty of professional created and curated administrative assistant resume sample templates available in many different formats including MS Word and PDF format, it is always useful to know how to write one as well.

  • Refrain from using first person terminology.
  • Enforce simple and clear language.
  • Expand your vocabulary and use terms that are hard hitting and catches their attention.
  • Focus on key skills and qualifications that employers are looking for.
  • Use professional language if you intend on being considered for the job.

Download administrative assistant resume examples and templates only so that all of this is no longer your concern. Allow online professionals to help you create an employable self-image that can be used for any assistant job that you’re looking for.